As I been looking for work I have been thinking about my FUTURE home and what I want it to say about me.  FL is a little different in that the floors are usually tiled (cold and hard), the walls usually have knock down texture (hard to applique) and the neighborhoods are weirdly mixed. Nice homes mixed with hellions. 

I found some inspiration photos to inspire me. Let start with color:


I love the combo in this photo.  The main color is called Blushing Bride, I love it and the contrast color on the painting, gray chairs and cream rug.  Not really into the gold.  Colors look nice right?  I think so.  I like the color name also…blushing bride.  Aw shucks!

I found this whole house paint palette and I like it with the Blushing bride to substitute for the Cherry Malt.  Cherry Malt is a nice color too though.  I used it in my last house


Living Room:

livingroom wall

This photo was taken in the Massage Envy waiting room.  I know it looks like a waiting room but there are elements to this room that I love:

  • The Media TV wall with the fireplace insert at the bottom.
  • The floating shelves
  • The plum as an accent color
  • The stacked stone look on the walls behind the shelves
  • The spotlights
  • The pottery used as decorative pieces

Master Bedroom:

adjustable bed

I have to buy a new bedroom set because I promised my brother (Wave) my leather bed and dresser set.  I loved that bed but it was so hard to find a comforter to match it. He can have that headache.  He probably will throw any old comforter on it and it will look nice. LOL.

I am getting this adjustable bed from RoomsToGo in gray.  I also like how the photos are hung low and stacked above each other on the wall.  I like the tall crystal lamps, the curtains and the fur rug.  I don’t like the chair nor the nightstands.  This room has soft textures and visual interest to me.  Nice way to sell a bed roomstogo lol.

Master Bath

For the master bath I want to go dark and bold.  Now the question is do I keep the brown as suggested in the above pallet or do I substitute it for plum?  Hmmmm

bathroom 3
bathrom color

Even though I don’t like the brown bath color I do like the following elements of it:

  • Double sinks
  • Instead of one large mirror two tall skinny mirrors (saw them in the Home Store)
  • Again, stacked photos, I would use some happy photos not sure what right now
  • The small chandelier
  • Not sure how I feel about the lighting being on the side
  • In the plum bathroom I am loving the sink fixtures

For my hardware in the baths and the kitchen I will be using these simple pulls

Elegant and affordable

I found a super deal for them on AMAZON here  You can search for them On Amazon in different sizes…they are crazy cheap.  They can also be spray painted to your desired color.  A matte metallic should hold up well.  They are $1-2 each, whereas pulls can get pretty darn pricey at around $25 each.  I WOULD NEVER!!!

OK that’s enough dreaming for one day. What do you think so far?

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