Curtains for the lanai

This is a late entry as I did this in December and its now February. I wanted to change the look of the lanai with curtains but oh my gourd sheers were so expensive!! So you know Krafty Qween I had to do this on a budget!!

Supplies….hardware= 3/4″ conduit (i used 3.5 pieces at 2.39 each).

You also need a coupler if you have to put two pieces together. They just go in. You can glue it if you want. I didnt

You need some straps. One for each end and for long runs one or two in the middle. The silver color was the cheapest but they were out so i got copper ones. They weren’t too much more.

The most expensive part of this project was the curtains. I got mine from Ikea. $5 a PAIR (yes i said a pair) of 110″ x 98″ of sheers and they are super sheer. You can cut with scissors to trim if need be. I purchased 5 pairs. If you use more they arent so sheer but i wanted the sun to still shine in.

To cut the conduit use a simple saw it is very easy to cut.

You can spray paint your rods and straps if you want to but i didnt bother. All I did is thread the curtains on the rods then screw them in place with the straps. Easy peasy. I put a knot in the bottom of the curtains because they flutter with the wind and it was getting crazy with curtains flying everywhere. Knotting it made it much better. Here is the before and afters. The kids put their easels out there and was painting for days!! That alone made it feel like a winning idea.

Total cost…about $40. I knew I could do it cheaper!! What do you think?

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