Dining Room plan

The diningroom in my home is 10×12. Seems way too small for a 4 bedroom house. And it was a disappointment when I measured it since i was being gifted a fab diningroom set but could not accept it because it was way too big for this room. Hmmmph.

So the first consideration in planning is what size furniture you need and how to lay it out. I found this awesome chart on the KathyKuoHome.com website that I’d like to share. I hope she doesnt mind. I think I will take their advice on the round table, which I already happen to have! My rug is round though. Not buying a new rug yet!

So heres the plan:

Round table with new chairs. Table top is blue and looks like leather. Would love some deep blue velvet chairs.

Round rug. Not sure if I am keeping this ugly rug I have but for now it will do. Not trying to do everything at once.

Fish tank with some chiclids.

Hutch for my plates and glasses.

Tv since I have so many extras.

Wall color will still be Chantilly Lace..maybe.

Here is my before photo. Its when the old owners were in here.

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